12 common bedroom design mistakes that are easy to avoid

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12 common bedroom design mistakes that are easy to avoid

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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The bedroom is that part of the home that requires a practical yet elegant layout, as well as features that promote relaxation and comfort, allowing the resident to enter an escape into serenity and tranquillity, while being surrounded by soulful colours and chic style.

1. Neat and tidy

One of the sure fire ways to ensure that your room remains in perfect condition, is to keep it organised and cleaned on a daily basis, which stops clutter from piling up. Investing in a vacuum cleaner is therefore a must.

2. Common mistakes

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In this Ideabook we have a look at some common mistakes that amateurs often make when decorating and designing a bedroom.

3. Lack of privacy

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Bedroom décor and design should maintain privacy, serenity and elegant style, and there are easy ways to ensure that the bedroom is a private space, which includes the layout of the room entrance, as well as incorporating blackout curtains for a peaceful sleep.

4. Private bathroom choice

A private bathroom included in a master bedroom is a great way to emphasise that a bathroom is a private space, however an en-suite needs to be planned properly, a design such as this where the private bathroom is in full view of the bedroom violates personal space and boundaries.

5. The balanced approach

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One of the most common décor mistakes that interior designers witness, is when disproportionate furniture is chosen to decorate a small room, which only makes the room seems even smaller.

6. Bed choice

The most important furniture of the bedroom is of course the bed, but take care to ensure that the size and style are suitable for the room, or else the entire space will look unbalanced. Although many people simply adore the style of a royal bed in their bedroom, it takes up too much space and can mean you need to include less other furniture if this is the décor you’re opting for.

7. Colour selection

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When deciding on colours to make your bedroom an ideal space to relax and unwind, strong and bright colours might just have the opposite effect on your psyche, so go for bedroom colours that enhance comfort, elegance and of course tranquillity.

8. Appropriate lighting

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Choosing appropriate lighting is another factor that aids elegant bedroom décor. Fantastic lighting also makes reading in bed easier, as well as watching television and when lighting is paired with a perfectly placed mirror, the room will look even more brilliant.

9. Design Inconsistency

When designing and decorating your bedroom, it is important to think about how the pieces of furniture and colours work with each other to create a comfortable space.

10. Unused furniture

Try not to include large and multiple pieces of furniture in a bedroom as this will impede movement and add a cluttered look to the décor.

11. Furniture placement

Always take into consideration the geometric design of the room when planning the placement of furniture, this will have a dramatic effect on the overall décor.

12. Accessories

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By including a variety of unnecessary items and accessories in the bedroom décor, it distracts from the actual style and layout, making the room look cluttered and over the top. Here are 10 Inspirational Small Bedrooms.

The homify team have included some more tips to help you avoid making the wrong decor decisions:

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