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8 breathtaking Asian gardens

April Kennedy April Kennedy
House of Nishimikuni Couloir, entrée, escaliers modernes par arbol Moderne
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Asian gardens are known throughout the world for their incredible beauty and adventurous designs. Unlike traditional English gardens, Asian gardens are often extended beyond the conventional boundaries of the outside square of grass. The wild and lush foliage of these gardens is found wrapped around architectural features and woven into unexpected places. This gives Asian gardens a very central role in the aesthetic of the home. It's fitting of course that this reflects the reverence for nature in many ancient Asian belief systems. So, today we will celebrate the beauty of Asian gardens with a tour of 8 incredible Asian gardens! Enjoy…

1. A serene Japanese inner garden

House of Nishimikuni Couloir, entrée, escaliers modernes par arbol Moderne

House of Nishimikuni


Nature is a central element in almost every Japanese home we have explored on homify. Japanese gardens are often enclosed and used to decorate the interior of the homes as seen here.

2. A wild rooftop garden

Maryland Drive Piscine par Guz Architects
Guz Architects

Maryland Drive

Guz Architects

This Singaporean home has a rooftop garden that springs to life with a collection of fine tendrils. It gives this outdoor entertaining area a wild beauty. Also, note the amazing glass-walled pool.

3. The secret garden

Secret Garden Maisons modernes par bandesign Moderne

Secret Garden


This Japanese home has both a green roof and a secret garden combined in one. The design provides great insulation for the living area beneath the garden and gives the home a striking geometric look.

4. Lush and verdant pond garden

CLUNY HOUSE Maisons par Guz Architects
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

This huge home in Singapore has a large pond with aquatic plants, little islands for trees and even a lush rooftop. It is surrounded on all sides by large walkways. It definitely has all the allure of a resort-style home.

5. A hidden garden

Jardin moderne par arbol Moderne

In this Japanese home, the courtyard garden has been extended to rise two levels above the ground. Large glass windows on three sides make it a central part of the interior decor. The tree is also illuminated at night.

6. The garden that belongs inside

This decadent home is situated in Phuket, Thailand. The garden extends on both sides of the living space and the verdant grassy areas really claim dominance over the monochromatic interior.

7. A green roof

MEERA SKY GARDEN HOUSE Maisons modernes par Guz Architects Moderne
Guz Architects


Guz Architects

This is another project by Guz architects in Singapore. The green roof serves to seamlessly blend into the surrounding foliage which gives this home a very special ambience.

8. An Indian oasis

This Indian courtyard garden has a mixture of hanging pots and dense foliage. The striking timber beams of the broad walkways enhance the earthy feel of the garden space and give the home a calming ambience.

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Maison de Village Maisons modernes par Lautrefabrique Moderne

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