NAT OFFICE – christian gasparini architect


Nouveau Projet

established in 2001 in Reggio Emilia by christian gasparini, NAT OFFICE

turns its attention to urban and architectural planning (from design to landscape), considering it placed in a dialectic relationship between man and nature that cannot be deluded.

the Architecture becomes a medium between Nature and Technology, able to give a sense to the antropic presence in the nature.

the plan is thought like a complex and dynamic  instrument, that allows the physic-perceptive and materic link between places and persons.

the place is not an abstract entity, but the essence and the possibility of the lifetime in common. its geographical, historical, materic and bioclimatics features are trace to read, for fitting in with a context or replanning it, always being present the necessity to attend, where it is possible, with minimal elements, that may have a great significance, to assure the use of space like a living principle.

christian gasparini graduates in architecture at the polytechnic of milan, where he teaches and works as researcher of urban and architectural planning since 1998 and as adjunct professor since 2007, dedicating its activity to the architectural and urban transformation plans of sea ports and railway stations, cultural centers such as media libraries and libraries, university and temporary residences in italy and europe.

expert in bioclimatic planning with a merit mentioning in 1999 by the university of bologna (prof. schaller), he worked in the year 2000 in chile, being selected for the international workshop ‘valparaiso del chile: ideas y proyectos por el casco historico’, that followed the election of Valparaiso to the status of humanity heritage by unesco. the plan ‘margin as connection’ was exposed successfully at valparaiso and later, following a traveling exhibition, in many Italian and european faculties of architecture (ferrara, roma, napoli, genova, milano, lisbona).

private and public architecture realizations are intertwined with the research on modular structures, to be assembled and disassembled in different configurations and are dedicated to different areas: museums, schools, commercial, residential, religious, landscaping.

the office is known for a wide response to concourses and for the public architectures realized and published in collective catalogues, specialized magazines and websites and displayed in many architecture exhibitions around italy and europe.

Vicolo Trivelli, 6
42121 Reggio Emilia
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